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Randy capturing an image of a Lost Sole on a highway in Tampa, Florida

Hamilton Images is the custom photography division of the Hamilton Art Agency. While we have used different photographers depending on where the shoot is located, the primary photographer is Randall Louis Hamilton.

Randall, or Randy as he is known, has a background in fine arts and brings that eye for composition and different perspective to his images. He wants to create something artistic and an image that captures the spirit of his subject.

In addition to fine art, Randy is a graphic designer by career, so it is not by mistake that his commercial images fit seamlessly into design projects making him an ideal photographer for business advertising. It is instinct for him to think about areas where text can go and creating an image that moves the eye around the composition.

Finally, and maybe foremost, Randy is a storyteller. And what a better way to tell a story than visually. Like the old adage says, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. He tries to capture the essence of what needs to be portrayed. He strives to bring his subject’s personality through when he captures a portrait. If you want to see his storytelling brought to life, be sure to visit his One Shoe Diaries project website —–>

Randy was born and raised in Cincinnati. He has lived in West Virginia, Kentucky and Hawaii before settling down in Pensacola for 8 years until Hurricane Ivan in which he lost his home. Randy and his wife Sharon then toured the U.S. in their motor home with their two dogs for 4 years before ince again settling back in Pensacola. They are now blessed with a baby girl, Nora, which begins a new chapter in their lives.

After attending the Columbus College of Art and Design for 4 years, Randy graduated some years later from UWF with a degree in arts and went on to do be an award-winning graphic designer eventually incorporating photography into his career. Randy’s designs are clean and efficient with an emphasis on functionality. This transcends over to his commercial photography which helps create images well suited for advertising and marketing purposes since he can envision the final purpose for the images. Randy has also started to get back to his fine art roots by delving into oil painting and charcoal drawing once again. Photography also become an additional artistic outlet, currently Randy and his wife are involved in the One Shoe Diaries photo exhibition project. A concept they have developed to help gain exposure for Randy’s photography and to get their eclectic stories from the road published.

To view images from the latest photoshoots check out Randy’s Pensacola Beach Photography Blog ››